Savaria LU/LA Elevators

Accessible to all

Create welcoming public spaces. You need accessibility and convenience for your low-rise commercial building, place of worship, school or public space. We can help you find the best solution. Our NCC lifts are available in configurations to meet accessibility requirements.


Suitable for low-rise travel with a capacity of 430 kg, this lift offers a large cabin with a variety of options to customize for your site. The Eclipse lift features an electric chain drive, up to 6 stops and a maximum travel of 12 m

SAVARIA Meridian™ Lift

Get the design quality you expect from a high-end high-rise lift, built for low-rise buildings and budgets. With a customisable appearance, 635 kg capacity and value-packed features, the Meridian lift can be configured to meet NCC or LU/LA code requirements.


We offer a range of NCC compliant vertical platform lifts (VPL) and inclined platform lifts (IPL) for disabled access in commercial and public spaces. Our wheelchair lifts offer capacities up to 340 kg and are suitable for one user with a manual or powered wheelchair and an attendant.

Choosing a commercial lift

Start with a free consultation
We work with architects, interior designers, engineers and building owners to help ensure their projects are accessible to all. For new construction, we collaborate with you at the design stage to help you specify a NCC lift that will meet the needs of current and future occupants and guests. For existing structures, a site assessment will help us guide you through the selection process to identify the best solution for your location.

Ensure accessibility compliance
Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standards provide guidelines for accessible public spaces. It’s important to ensure that your lift can be used by someone with a physical limitation. In addition, the International Building Code (IBC) accessibility guide A117.1 affords more flexibility in terms of product choice, particularly for the use of NCC elevators in new construction. In Australia, reference standard NCC E3.6. 

Our NCC elevators are available in configurations to meet both A1735 and A17.1 LU/LA accessibility requirements. These include minimum platform or cab sizes, which vary depending on product type and entry/exit configurations. Other requirements include the location of call stations, entry/exit clearances, a hands-free phone on accessibility (LU/LA) lifts, minimum landing door width and automatic door requirements.  

For information on our VPL and IPL wheelchair lifts, click here.

Why a Savaria Lift
Savaria (Australia) Pty Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savaria Corporation. As a global leader in the accessibility industry, Savaria Corporation invests in research and development, advanced safety standards and the mission to provide enhanced accessibility. Our Australian headquarters are in Brisbane, with an office in Melbourne. We are represented by franchisees and a network of dealer-installers in Sydney, Adelaide and Cairn.

General Info

Code Compliance
Commercial passenger lifts must meet the National Construction Code (NCC) NCC E3.6. Among other factors, these mandates specify dimensions, speed, distance of travel (and levels), types of gates and doors, as well as minimum safety measures. Our NCC lifts are compliant with all applicable codes, and your local representative will abide by all regional codes and bylaws during the installation process. 

For information on our VPL and IPL wheelchair lifts, click here.

Fire ratings
Fire rating requirements are dictated by local building codes. Usually we need to use a fire-rated shaft when penetrating a floor in a commercial setting. Savaria lifts are available with ULC (North American rating) fire-rated doors and materials; we are happy to advise you regarding products and options needed to comply with local code.

Lift installation requires work by other trades to prepare the site. We have planning guides and architectural drawings available that detail work by others including clearances required, support wall construction parameters, pit floor load requirements and specific electrical needs and disconnects. Local building code may also dictate how a lift can be installed.

It is wise to involve your Savaria representative early in the project to ensure the infrastructure for the lift is built correctly. We pride ourselves on offering great project management, please make sure to take advantage of our collaborative approach.