Savaria Straight Stairlift

Skip the stairs

Improve mobility and safety. For a lot of people, the right stairlift can mean the difference between comfortably aging-in-place and being forced to leave their home.


Developed for a compact fit suitable for even more narrow staircases, and width-adjustable for the best fit, the K2 straight stairlift is one of the quickest and easiest ways to modify your home for greater mobility and safety.


Suitable for residential applications, the Savaria K2 Plus straight stairlift offers a capacity up to 180 kg and reliable operation indoors.


Ride in comfort around curves, landings or changes in direction with a lift specifically designed for your home. The Savaria Stairfriend is a unique solution when curved stairways become an obstacle.

Choosing a stairlift

Start with a free consultation
We want you to enjoy your home in safety and comfort. We start with a free, no-obligation in-home consultation. We discuss your current and long-term needs, review the structure and layout of your stairs and present good/better/best options. 
Straight or curved

Stairlifts have seats that fold down for a user to get on and ride, and then fold up when not in use to allow access to the stairs. They are available in two basic types. 

Straight stairlifts are ideal for a single run of straight stairs, and are a quick, simple and inexpensive way to make a home – or in some cases a commercial space – more accessible. We hold a quantity of these models for indoor and outdoor applications in stock to provide quick installations.

Curved stairlifts are custom made and designed for use on stairs with curves or intermediate landings. They are also a good choice if you want to be able to park the chair around a corner, out of the way.

Why a Savaria Stairlift
Every day, we help improve quality of life for Australians, with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as representation in Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney. Savaria (Australia) Pty Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savaria Corporation, a global leader in the accessibility industry. Our range of stairlifts help Australians overcome the mobility challenges posed by stairs.

General Info

Code Compliance
Our stairlifts meet ASME A18.1, a recognized safety standard for wheelchair lifts and stairlifts, and the design is registered with the Australian regulators. Our stairlifts meet or exceed all applicable codes, including speed, distance of travel and capacities.   We will be pleased to assist you in understanding regional codes and bylaws for stairlifts. 

Stairlift installation usually involves only two visits to your home. The first visit includes a precision measuring session to ensure a perfect ft for your stairs, and the installation is easily completed on the second visit. Mess and disruption are minimal, and turnaround times are typically very fast.