Savaria Stairfriend  Curved Stairlift

  • Designed for residential, indoor access over stairs with curves, landings, changes in direction or if out-of-the-way parking is required
  • Double rail is custom bent to the exact specifications of your home, taken during a precision measuring session
  • Installation is quick and typically requires only one visit
  • Quiet, smooth-riding operation with 160 kg capacity; choose from 2 seat styles
  • Battery operated; allows for emergency operation during a power outage
  • For straight stairs, see the Savaria K2 stairlift and K2 plus.

The nuts and bolts


Battery powered: Built-in charging stations located at top, bottom and optional intermediate landings. During a power outage, the lift can travel up and down several times.
On-board controls: With soft start and smooth stop operation.
Radio frequency remote controls: Offer greater range and control of device from other rooms.
Reliable rack and pinion drive: for a quiet and smooth ride.
Custom-built: Sturdy steel tube rails are custom bent for curves, turns, landings and parking, and can be mounted on either side of stairs.
LED status lights: To advise of any common issues.
Seat options: Choice of 2 seat styles with wipe-clean synthetic leather.
Safety features: Retractable seat belt, overspeed brake, footrest and carriage obstruction sensors, seat swivels and locks into position for safe boarding and deboarding. 
Warranty: 36-month manufacturer’s parts warranty. Ask your Savaria representative for details.


Configurations: 90 degree or 180 degree turns and parking, top or bottom overrun.
Seats: Choice of L seat or V seat.
Other options: Keyless access, emergency stop button, extra-long seatbelt and 5-point harness.


Applications: Residential, indoor
Capacity: 160 kg
Max. travel: 25.6 m
Nominal speed: 0.1 m/s, 0.06 m/s through curves
Drive: Rack and pinion
Motor: 0.5 hp, 240 volt, 10 Amp, single phase, 50 Hz
Fold-up width: 422 mm
Fold-out width: 680 mm
Range of incline: 0 degrees to 52 degrees
Code compliance: ASME A18.1


    Please note, planning guides contain some information and measurements that may not apply to products sold in Australia. Please consult our sales offices for complete specifications.

    Gallery of installations

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    Stairfriend curved stairlift

    The Stairfriend is designed for multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings