Savaria Meridian MRL   Commercial Lift

  • Ultra-quiet fully automatic lift; geared traction counterweight design for higher daily usage and 635 kg capacity
  • High-rise look and feel with automatic two-speed sliding doors and commercial-style cab designs
  • Minimises construction costs: overhead and pit requirements are less than full-sized commercial lifts
  • Cost-effective accessibility: meets state and national codes for NCC elevators, including AS1735: Part 16 and NCC E3.6, as well as limited use/limited application (LU/LA) code in public buildings
  • Ideal for low-rise buildings up to six stories such as schools, places of worship and professional buildings
  • Reduced power consumption and no hydraulic fluid required, eliminating the need for a costly oil separator in the floor drain

The Savaria Meridian Lift is known as the Savaria Orion elevator in North America.

The nuts and bolts


High-rise style, built for low-rise applications: Affordable elevator for low-rise buildings up to six stories with 635 kg capacity and automatic door option.
Geared traction counterweight design: Ultra-quiet, machine roomless, suitable for up to 200 trips per day.
Aesthetically appealing: Attractive call station, car operating panel (COP) and digital floor indicators.
Automatic doors: Two-speed steel cab doors in black or architectural white, with infrared closing sensors; automatic landing doors are finished with primer.
Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, hands-free phone, digital display in car operating panel, white ceiling with 4 pot lights, steel interior in architectural white.
Standard finishes: Standard architectural white or black steel; stainless steel car operating panel, handrail and silver colour trimmed light fixtures.
Safety features: Emergency battery back-up for floor-specific lowering and interior lighting, alarm button and emergency stop key, manual lowering, slack rope safety switch, safety brakes, overspeed governor.
Warranty: 36-month manufacturer’s parts warranty. Ask your Savaria representative for details.


Traditional Cab sizes:  
W1067 mm x L1372 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2
W1100 mm x L1400 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2, 3, 4
W1219 mm x L1372 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2
W1067 mm x L1524 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2
W1295 mm x L1295 mm x H2134 mm, Type 3, 4
Modern Cab (Meridian 17):
W1067 mm x L1524 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2
W1100 mm x L1400 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2, 3, 4
W1219 mm x L1372 mm x H2134 mm, Type 1, 2
Cab finishes: Architectural white or black steel walls, full stainless steel or framed glass wall interior.
Meridian17 cab package: Fire-rated laminate overlay panels in choice of colour, framed in stainless steel; stainless steel cab doors and dropped ceiling with 6 silver potlights and ambient lighting. 
Landing door finishes: Architectural white, black, custom colour, or stainless steel. 
Other options: Brushed brass fixtures, hands-free phone, fire recall service, phone line detection, sheave guard


Applications: Commercial buildings including NCC, or LU/LA code, or residential use
Capacity: 635 kg 
Maximum travel distance: Standard 2-stop operation can be increased to 6 stops (code permitting) over a maximum of 7.6 m (LU/LA), or 12 m for NCC and residential use
Speed: 0.15 m/s (LU/LA) and 0.25 m/s (NCC and residential)
Pit depth: 355 mm
Minimum overhead required: 2794 mm (NCC, LU/LA or residential) for existing buildings, 3403 mm for new construction under LU/LA code
Cab: Traditional cab design with architectural white fire-rated steel panel cab interior and ceiling
Drive: Counterweight geared traction drive with slack cable safety device. Geared motor 1:1 sheave, three 9.525 mm diameter elevator traction cables, rope wedge sockets
Power supply: 240 volt, single phase, 40 Amps, 50 Hz
Code compliance: AS1735.16, ASME A17.1, NCC E3.6


    Gallery of installations

    Meridian Lift 1Thumbnail for Meridian Lift 1
    Meridian commercial lift

    Meridian MRL gives a high-rise look with automatic sliding doors and stylish cab designs

    Meridian Lift 2Thumbnail for Meridian Lift 2
    Meridian commercial lift

    Customise the Meridian MRL with frosted glass walls, stainless steel COP and handrails

    Meridian Lift 3Thumbnail for Meridian Lift 3
    Meridian commercial lift

    Landing door finishes on Meridian MRL include stainless steel and custom colours