Raising up the Harbour City

Savaria Australia is proud to be represented in Sydney and most areas of New South Wales by a strong network of trained dealers who sell, install and service the full range of Savaria products.

For your home

A home lift is becoming an increasingly smart choice for homeowners as they look to the future of making their home accessible and barrier free. After all, most people want to stay in the home as long as possible. And besides the convenience factor, there are many beautiful options available to make your elevator a stand-out feature.

For your public or commercial building

Whether you need to meet specific NCC requirements, or are simply looking to provide accessibility for your tenants, customers or visitors, we can recommend the correct lifting solution for your building.

Get a Free Consultation

We start every project by listening to your needs. Whether residential or commercial building, driven by accessibility requirements or the convenience of skipping the stairs, our experts conduct a thorough needs assessment so we can help your find long-term solutions.

Access Wow-Factor

In a region known for its breathtaking views – both natural and manmade – the Savaria Vuelift panoramic glass residential lift is a perfect combination of wow-factor and convenience. With six models to choose from, there’s one sure to fit your personal style.

Accessibility for All

Sydney is a must-see travel destination for people from all over the world. Ensure equal accessibility for all – whether locals or guests. Create welcoming public spaces with our range of NCC lifts and indoor/outdoor wheelchair lifts.

Residential and commercial solutions

Residential Lifts

Whether building a new house or retrofitting an existing home for enhanced convenience, mobility and aging-in-place, our line of residential lifts has something to suit your floor plan—and your lifestyle.

Commercial Lifts

Our suite of NCC lifts for low-rise commercial and public buildings mean your guests always feel safe and welcome. Get the look and feel of a high-rise lift in an affordable package.

Wheelchair lifts

We offer a lift for almost every application, indoors or out. Choose from vertical platform lifts (VPL), inclined platform lifts (IPL), and units that can accommodate curved or winding staircases.


Stay safe and ride in comfort. These cost-effective lifts help improve quality of living for those who use a mobility device or simply struggle navigating stairs. Our range can accommodate straight stairs, as well as stairs with curves or intermediate landings.

For a site visit or consultation, please call us on 1300 736 402

1300 736 402

Service and Maintenance

Our maintenance and service team looks forward to keeping every unit in top running order. An elevator or lift that is maintained properly will provide many years of reliable service. We offer 24/7 service plans, as well as contracted maintenance programs for all products we sell. Looking to modernize an older unit? Give us a call to discuss both aesthetic and technical upgrades that are possible for your unit.

Professional Partnerships

For years, we’ve been a top supplier for builders and developers throughout the region. Known for our project management expertise, we understand how to work with various trades to make it come together as planned.  For architects, we offer accessibility code-compliance expertise and the experience to help you integrate lifts in your projects in creative and usable ways.